MooD V2 - An improved collection of colorful sunglasses

MooD V2 - An improved collection of colorful sunglasses 

Colorful eyewear that will make your day more joyful.

We recently landed yet another crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo where we presented our newest and most colorful collection this far, our updated series of Moo:D. The V2 collection consists of 12 new models with an increase in quality compared to the previous V1 models. And just like before we kept the cost for them as low as we could so that we were able to let as many as possible to get their hands on them before they reached our actual web shop. 

As our goal remain the same, we still want to show the world that you don’t have to pay a lot of money to get yourself a pair of eyewear that stands out and protects your eyes in the best possible way. Through our years in the business we have learned a lot when it comes to our customers wishes and we have done and keep on doing everything we can to fulfill them the best we can. 

As developers of a product we spend a lot of time trying to find a balance between great materials and affordability. We have specialized in using materials that could be called unorthodox but has proved to function exceptionally well when it comes to sunglasses. Even though TR90 polycarbonate isn’t as exotic as wood or carbon fiber it does the job perfectly when it comes to making frames that are colorful, lightweight and durable. 

Our improved version of Mood with upgraded look and quality.

Our re-designed model of MooD has a slightly different shape of frame, which have been well received so far. Also, even if the material of the frame remain the same as before, the hinges and other sensitive parts have been increased in quality. They are equipped with scratch resistant, polarized lenses that gives you superior glare reduction and 100% UV protection.

For our new collection we have even upgraded the packaging. Instead of the paper box we now decided to go for a case made out of synthetic leather. We figured that this is a much more appreciated way to carry your sunglasses as it easily can be stored in your bag, purse or in your car. As always your new Moo:D's also come together with a sticker, pouch and a wiping cloth.

We are on a mission to show you all that there is more than the big corporations out there. That you don't have to pay such high prizes just because they are established brands. We try our best to promote and provide our products at a fair price and by selling directly to consumers through social media and our own website we can accomplish just that. 

Our last MooD campaign was yet another steppingstone for us and on the road towards our goal we have come in contact with a lot of awesome people that we are happy to work with and to make something we all can be proud of together. Zerpico wouldn't be what it is today if it wasn't for them and all of our returning customers and fans out there that lets us know that we are doing what we should be doing. We will keep on improving and figuring out new ways to tackle the market and to become a brand that stands for quality as well as style.

A range of affordable sunglasses that will fit everyone.

 The world through our eyes.