Our new Gaming and Anti Blue Light Glasses

Our new Gaming and Anti Blue Light Glasses

Computer and gaming glasses with anti blue light filter from Zerpico.

TV’s, computers, laptops, smart phones, tablets. It’s no secret that the use of these devices on a regular basis has increased significantly the last decade and we can be absolutely sure that it will not decrease any time soon. More and more of us are using at least one of the devices listed above to perform our daytime job and it has become a necessity for students in all ages to use them in class and for studying. When as soon as we put them down after work or school is done we pick up another one to play games or to scroll through our social media channels. It is a part of the modern life.

To the conrtary of what you might know, sunlight is the main source of blue light so being outside in the sun is how you get exposed to it the most. And even if the sources of blue light that is artificially made is just a small fraction of what is given by the sun, the amount of time that we spend in front of it is what is most concerning.

Blue light affects the retina and damages the eyes.

So how exactly does blue light affect us?

Blue light reduces your visual contrast, affecting clarity and sharpness which can cause eye strain, physical and mental fatigue and headaches. Our eyes have not yet filters against this type of light so too much exposure to blue light may  may eventually lead to loss of vision. Blue light from electronic devices makes the brain think that it's still daytime, which leads to a decrease of melatonin production. This often leads to difficulty falling asleep and provides an unhealthy sleeping patten.

Studies have found that using blue-light blocking glasses before bedtime will help you fall asleep faster and to sleep better than if you don’t use any. As we do most of our work in front of a computer, we know how important it is to maintain our focus and prevent eye strain and headaches. And so we began the research to bring out a product that would help us and others to do so.

We wanted to develop a series of high quality computer & gaming glasses and we wanted to make them as comfortable and light as possible while keeping the price for them as low as we could.

First out in our field in computer glasses is our fan favorite Fibrous, equipped with a pair of quality anti-blue lenses. What could be cooler than playing your favorite games wearing a pair of light weigh carbon fiber glasses?
Secondly we have developed two pairs of stylish plastic computer glasses with color-adaptive lenses that goes darker when you expose them to sunlight. These glasses, called Yin & Yang are much like our new Moo:D V2 sunglasses and is a strong addition to our growing collection of gaming glasses.

Our Fibrous with anti-blue light lenses will help you keep your focus while looking awesome.

Even though our main focus will be on the field of sunglasses, we will also put a lot of time into developing many more models of durable and trendy gaming and computer glasses. We are always looking for ways to improve and as long as it’s towards something better we will make sure that we find a way to get there.

To get to our new anti-blue light collection click here.


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