Our handmade Eyewood ReInvented Wooden and Acetate Sunglasses. This is our wayfarer style.
Our handmade Eyewood ReInvented Wooden and Acetate Sunglasses. This is our wayfarer style.  Front studio photo.
Our handmade Eyewood ReInvented Wooden and Acetate Sunglasses. This is our wayfarer style. On a Italien female model.
Our handmade Eyewood ReInvented Wooden and Acetate Sunglasses. This is our wayfarer style. Another photo on a female Italien model.
Our handmade Eyewood ReInvented Wooden and Acetate Sunglasses. This is our wayfarer style. Studio photo from the side.
Wayfarer wooden sunglasses with changeable lenses.
Our handmade Eyewood ReInvented Wooden and Acetate Sunglasses. This is our wayfarer style. Studio photo from the back.
Wooden sunglasses with acetate and premium walnut.

Eyewood ReInvented Acetate & Wood - Wayfarers

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  • Premium Materials
  • State of the art lens-changing mechanism
  • Super lightweigh - only 20 grams
  • Highly flexible & durable
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Eyewood Reinvented Wayfarer – Redefining the edge of style

Introducing the Wayfarer model of Eyewood Reinvented – the epitome of edgy elegance and audacious design. These aren’t just sunglasses; they’re a declaration of confidence and a badge of the bold. Crafted for the pioneers, the trendsetters, and the trailblazers, the wayfarer frames represent an unapologetic embrace of individuality.

Product highlights:

  • Iconic Wayfarer Frame Design
  • Polarized lenses UV400, 100% UVA/UVB-protection
  • Always comes with black lenses / add extra if you want
  • Craftsmanship: Walnut Wood & High-Quality Acetate
  • Lightweight Comfort: 20 grams
  • Extensive Lens Selection: Over 25 Types
  • Hyperextendable Hinges for a Perfect Fit
  • Prescription Ready

    The Wayfarer – A legacy of cool

    The Eyewood Reinvented Wayfarer model takes a timeless classic and injects it with a fresh, modern ethos. With its distinctive trapezoidal frame and robust silhouette, this is a style that commands attention and respect. It's an enduring design that has graced the faces of icons, now reimagined for the visionaries of today.

    Precision meets passion

    Sculpted from exquisite walnut wood and premium acetate, every pair of Eyewood Reinvented Wayfarer sunglasses is a masterpiece. The wayfarer’s bold lines are balanced by the intricate natural patterns of wood, ensuring that no two pairs are exactly alike, much like the wearers themselves.

    A vision of versatility

    Your perspective is uniquely yours, and so should be your lenses. Select from over 25 lens choices that offer mirrored, solid, photochromic, or anti-bluelight options, each tailored to your life’s varying rhythms and scenes.

    Exceptional comfort, universal fit

    The Eyewood Reinvented Wayfarer weighs in at a mere 20 grams, making them a powerful yet nearly imperceptible addition to your daily ensemble. The hyperextendable hinges guarantee a snug and comfortable fit for a wide range of face shapes and sizes.

    Tailored to your eyesight

    Adapt the Eyewood Reinvented Wayfarer to your optical needs with ease. They come ready for prescription lenses or equipped with our standard high-quality lenses. Your vision, your choice.

    The Wayfarer's promise: Stand out

    Choosing the Eyewood Reinvented Wayfarer is more than a style choice; it’s a commitment to standing out. It’s for those who lead the way, who live on the edge of tomorrow and who inspire change with a glance.

      Size for our wayfarer Eyewood ReInvented sunglasses.

      360 video of our Eyewood ReInvented Wayfarer.

      All our Eyewood sunglasses are delivered in a handmade, exclusive empress tree case and a microfiber pouch together with a polishing cloth.

      Step into the limelight with Eyewood Reinvented Wayfarer – Because iconic never goes out of style.

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      Premium wooden sunglasses.
      Crafted for those who not only see the beauty in the world but add to it

      Join the Eyewood Evolution

      Eyewood Reinvented Sunglasses – Where elegance meets innovation

      Unlock the next level of eyewear sophistication with Eyewood Reinvented – the pinnacle of artisanal craftsmanship and versatile functionality. Meticulously fashioned with premium walnut wood temples that speak to the soul of the forest and high-quality acetate fronts that showcase a modern, glossy finish, these sunglasses are more than a mere accessory; they are a testament to the individual spirit. Each pair is an ode to the mavericks, the free thinkers, and the pioneers who don’t just walk the path but blaze trails of their own.

      Impeccable Craftsmanship

      Every pair of Eyewood Reinvented is a piece of art, shaped with passion and precision. The warm embrace of walnut wood is carefully married to the resilience of premium acetate to present a frame that is not just worn, but experienced.

      In a world where style often conforms, Eyewood Reinvented stands out with its distinctive fusion of natural beauty and contemporary design. The organic richness of the wood grain ensures that no two pairs are exactly alike – each is as unique as the vision of its wearer. The frames are thoughtfully paired with acetate, known for its durability and vibrant clarity, making every pair resilient to life’s adventures.

      Comfortable wooden sunglasses from Zerpico.
      Designed for Comfort

      But Eyewood Reinvented isn’t just about looks; it's about looking ahead. Engineered for an active lifestyle, these sunglasses offer unparalleled comfort with their featherlight construction. At only 20 grams, they promise a barely-there feel, while the hyperextendable hinges flex to fit any face shape – a universal embrace for every adventurer.

      Wooden sunglasses reinvented

      The Essence of Style & Versatility

      Your vision, your control

      The collection serves as an homage to those who value individuality and functionality, offering the ability to switch between a diverse selection of over 25 lenses. Whether it’s the glare-reducing prowess of polarized lenses for the sailors at sea or the blue-light filtering lenses for the digital nomads, Eyewood Reinvented adapts to your needs and enhances your vision without compromising on style.

      Eyewood Reinvented isn’t just eyewear; it’s a way of seeing the world. It’s for those who seek the road less traveled, who find comfort in nature, and who understand that true sophistication lies in simplicity and authenticity. So, pave your own path with the elegance of walnut wood and the resilience of acetate, and let Eyewood Reinvented elevate your journey to new horizons.

      Ready for Your Unique View with personalized frames

      Whether you need prescription lenses to navigate the world clearly or wish to shield your eyes from digital strain with anti-bluelight lenses, Eyewood Reinvented frames are prepped and primed for your personalization.

      Frames that Speak Volumes

      Choose your statement with our trio of iconic frames:

      The Wayfarer:
      Timeless and bold, perfect for the trendsetters.

      The Round:
      A nod to the classics, for those who whisper elegance.

      The Square:
      The edge of modernity, for the forward-thinking visionaries.

      Wooden sunglasses with changeable lenses.
      Swap lenses in your wooden sunglasses.
      Lens Swap with Simplicity

      Change is the only constant, and Eyewood Reinvented is designed to keep pace with the multifaceted nature of your daily journey. Whether you’re transitioning from the glaring midday sun into the soft, dim glow of a cafe, or shifting from outdoor escapades to focused hours in front of a screen, these glasses are your steadfast companion. With a simple and intuitive lens-changing system, you can transform your vision and your look in mere moments.

      Join the Eyewood Evolution

      In a world where every detail counts, we've ensured that Eyewood Reinvented transcends the ordinary. With lightweight comfort, robust durability, and versatile style, these are not just accessories; they are essentials for the visionary. With our eyewear, you don't just passively scan your surroundings; you engage with them, you shape them, and you leave them more vibrant than you found them.

      Choose Eyewood Reinvented as your companion in the pursuit of life's wonders. This is eyewear that doesn’t just protect your vision; it magnifies it, allowing you to see the exquisite details of the world in unparalleled clarity. For those who find joy in the beauty of the world and strive to contribute to it, Eyewood Reinvented is the perfect ally, enhancing every view while inviting you to leave your own mark on the vistas of life.

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