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We do not settle for the next best thing. We know that we wouldn´t gain anything in the long run if we would make and sell over-prized sunglasses, not using great materials and camouflage them with fine words. We believe that if we put ourselves out there with sunglasses that we can be proud of and knowing that all the time and effort we put into them will produce happy customers, then they will spread the word about us around the world.

We have been doing this for about 10 years now, making sunglasses that we can be proud of. We are constantly trying to predict what the world wants, which models and materials that will be the next big thing while also trying to keep the spirit of the brand intact. It´s not always easy. Trends tend to live a life of their own, the direction they take is almost impossible to stay ahead of. The huge corporations out there have both the funds and manpower to do this every hour of the day, every day of the year. We cannot compete with that. What we do, is to keep improving and evolving the classic sunglasses, the wayfarer, aviator and round models. And we do it well.  


We started out with what we believe is the most popular series, the Fibrous. A wayfarer model made out of 99% real carbon fiber. A solid, very lightweight frame that can take any kind of punishment. It has been evolving throughout the years, after a lot of feedback from our customers, doing our very best to meet their expectations. This has resulted in the current version of the model, V4. 

Another popular series that was released about the same time as Fibrous is our biggest one, the Eyewood collection. It includes a big range of sunglass models, from wayfarers and aviators to round and square versions, consisting of wooden details and plastic. We also have a smaller range that is exclusively made out of wood. 

The collection that came after our first releases was given the name MooD. We named it MooD because of the different colors as well as for the low prices. We wanted to create a way for you to get more sunglasses for the same buck, making it easy to change model after the mood you´re in. Hence the name.

After a successful run at crowdfunding we decided to make this the platform for our next model, the Titan. A thin, luxurious looking aviator frame made out of aerospace graded titanium. We decided on this material due to its high strength-to-weight ratio and simply because it looks awesome. Another fascinating feature is the mechanism that makes it possible to change lenses without hazzle, making them the most versatile model in our arsenal. Our customers love the fact that they can upgrade their frame with fresh lenses instead of buying a whole new pair of sunglasses. 

Now that you know what we do and the range of eyewear that we offer, we believe that you won´t have any problems finding your new favorite pair of sunglasses. And we guarantee that you will be as satisfied as all of our previous customers.