Carbon fiber glasses

The beauty of carbon fiber glasses

When it comes to using attractive materials for accessories such as wallets, card holders or phone cases, no material is more popular than carbon fiber. High quality carbon fiber does something more than just look good. It is regarded as one of the most luxurious material to use for products that reflects strength, lightweight and modern design. High quality carbon fibre is up to five times stronger than steel.

The fact that the material is being used when manufacturing automobiles and aircrafts has made fashion designers take a deeper look when trying to figure out how to use new materials for their brand. Few metal materials has the same ratio when it comes to weight-to-strength other than titanium that has similar qualities. When dealing with materials that are used in fashion you also have to consider the price. There's no point in creating a product that would be way too expensive for people to buy.

Carbon fiber glasses from Zerpico.

The unique properties of carbon glasses

Apart from just looking cool and being extremely strong, carbon fiber also resists corrosion and is stable against moisture and high temperatures. The unique properties of the fabric makes it an excellent choice when creating products that lasts for a long time and that radiates luxury.

Being a brand that focuses on fashion and on products that offer comfort as well as an experience that isn't found easily, we saw carbon fiber as a fabric that we wanted to play with. To be able to try on a pair of carbon fibre sunglasses was an experience that we wanted to offer our customers, and considering how flexible carbon fiber is, we were willing to ignore the price of making it happen. We wanted to create a style of sunglasses that made a difference, not only making a product that would generate high profit. Carbon fiber eyeglasses and sunglasses does just that. In situations where you need a material that is strong, stiff and light, there is no better material. The main reason for its popularity is the rigidity of the material which is the reason that more and more industries now choose carbon fiber instead of steel and aluminum for their products.

Fibrous - Full carbon fiber glasses frame.

The many qualities of carbon fiber eyeglasses frames

When using carbon fiber as frame material you get a product that offer qualities such as:

  • Lightweight – It's lighter than aluminum and titanium and has a low density with a very high strength to weight ratio.
  • High tensile strength – The reinforced fibers makes for one of the strongest materials when it comes to tension.
  • Resistant to rust - it's extremely stable and non-reactive which makes it a great replacement for steel when dealing with water and other similar conditions.
  • Low thermal expansion - withstands extreme heat and cold without any change in shape or size.
  • Chemical resistance - when paired with an epoxy resin system it becomes resistant to most chemicals, alcohol and acids.
  • High flexibility - it can be made to bend and still keep most of its tensile strength.


We have been straight from the start, our carbon fiber frames are possibly the frames that we take most pride in. The fact that we have put as much amount of time into making them into what they are, speaks for itself. We have every intention of perfecting them even more, and don't be surprised if we suddenly release a whole new model of these sunglasses.

The love for carbon sunglasses

We have put a lot of time and effort into making our Fibrous model perfect. We are aware that we aren't the only ones in love with carbon fiber, so we will keep using it for different models in the future as well. In fact, we recently expanded the collection of carbon fiber sunglasses by making a series of sunglasses made from a combination of carbon fiber and plant based acetate. The collection is called Hybrid and come in 3 different frame shapes so that you can get the frame that fits your face the best. As for most of our sunglasses you can choose your favorite frame color as well as lens color. While the front of our Hybrid models os made from plat based acetate, the temples are made from the same carbon fiber as the Fibrous model. The lenses are also of the same high standard, 7 layers, with a scratch resistant layer that prevents any damages from keys and other objects that may come in contact with them.

Use them as carbon fiber eyeglasses frames

We also offer our customers some of our most popular products without lenses, so that you can put prescription lenses in and use them as regular eyeglasses. This way you can also use them as computer glasses or use them as gaming glasses. And what could be cooler than to try on a pair of gaming glasses made out of carbon fiber?

We highly recommend anyone looking for a unique pair of sunglasses to try on a pair of our beloved carbon fiber sunglasses. What you get is a products that will serve you for many years to come, while attracting looks from people wherever you go.

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