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Sunglasses Designed in Sweden

Titanium, Carbon Fiber and Wooden Sunglasses

Our wooden and acetate sunglasses with changeable lenses.
Ready for prescription & anti-blue light protection.

Woooden and
Acetate Sunglasses

Eyewood: A symphony of nature and innovation in Eyewear

The temples of the Eyewood sunglasses are carved meticulously from walnut wood, hand-selected for its unique grain patterns and natural aesthetics. Each piece of wood we use tells a story, a tale of the tranquility of the forest that it hails from, ensuring your sunglasses are as individual as you are. The front, made from high-quality acetate, provides a harmonious counterpoint. This durable material is celebrated for its flexibility and strength, characteristics that lend themselves beautifully to the rigors of daily usage.

What People Are Saying


This is what i am talking about. Pure carbon fiber straight through! Bought a pair of sunglasses that they said it was carbon fiber but yeah what can i say. If you pay a low price you get crap haha. This is quality and design at a great price.

I love my new carbon fiber sunglasses.
TJ Bone

Got my sunnies two weeks ago and they look really good. Love the wood on the sides and the engravings will start an discussions when you put them on the table. So i would recommend anyone that love the look to buy them.

Engraved wooden sunglasses with accessories.

Was looking for something special to buy for my son that live in front of different screens. He got very happy and like the style and the lenses that turn dark in the sun. Works perfect in front of the computer and phones.

Black computer and anti blue light glasses.

I like this new model much more than your last one. Happy that the price is the same!

Best sunnies so far!

I got my Aviators. They are quite simply Superb! Thanks ever so much. I have to say......DAMN they look good on me! lol

My black aviators. Always looks great.
Ian Carter

Bought these 2 weeks ago for a vacation, and must say they did the job! looks great in the pool :)

Good price and looks great. Happy with my sunglasses.
Titanium sunglasses with changeable lenses.
New and improved


High quality titanium & changeable lenses

As titanium is the strongest material for its weight it allows you to keep doing what you love without having to worry about the damage that they might sustain. Keep being active while knowing that your titanium frames give you the protection you need. Along with next gen polarization mirrored lenses your titanium lenses safely let you enjoy everything you love to do without having to think about damaging your vision.

Carbon fiber sunglasses with polarized lenses from Zerpico.
durable and lightweight

Carbon fiber

A new generation of exclusive sunglasses

A collection of full carbon fiber sunglasses that are made to stand out and specifically designed to endure any environment and any forms of damage. These sunglasses are built to last a lifetime and are the perfect accessory for all types of extreme activities, such as rock-climbing, mountain-biking, track days and sailing.

Engraved wooden sunglasses with custom designs.
Express yourself with a piece of art

Engraved wooden

Handcrafted & engraved wooden sunglasses that tells a story

A unique collection of handmade wooden engraved sunglasses are a balanced combination of plastic and redwood, a product that feels natural as well as comfortable. With well designed patterns that are specially made to take you one step closer to history, our selection of wood sunglasses are for all people who are looking for something other than your average pair of sunglasses.

Eco-friendly sunglasses made of recycleable paper.
New in store

paper sunglasses

Recycleable and degradeable frames and polarized lenses
Lucie Rose Donlan wearing the palm band anchor bracelets.
Complete the look with

Anchor Bracelets

Travel and lifestyle inspired bracelets
Short story of Zerpico

We believe that great design and quality doesn´t have to be as expensive as many of the big brands wants you to believe. With hard work, big ideas and great people to work with we are certain that we can make a statement that will be hard to deny. We all love stories about the underdog taking on the champion and we are dead set on climbing the ladder until we get what we came for - to bring you great products without overcharging and to give back to the people who believes in us and supports us along the way.

Zerpico sunglasses out on adventures.
Zerpico sunglasses out on the beach living the life.

Hybrid, our mix of carbon fiber and acetate.

The Hybrid series is mix of the finest plant based acetate and carbon fiber. They are built to take a punch and still look good in every occations. These sunglasses are made for people with great taste and with a lot of variations there will always be a model for every style.

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Eyewood, our Wooden Sunglasses.

Eyewood is our largest series of sunglasses and have both full wooden sunglasses and versions with temples of wood and front in plastic. With the strong 5-layer lenses and a lot of different styles we have something that will fit everyone. Don´t miss our engraved sunglasses that are inspired from different parts of the world.

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Titan, our Quality Titanium Sunglasses.

The Titan Series is made of the finest titanium, making them very durable, yet delicate. We offer both aviators and wayfarers in various colors, such as black, gun metal and gold. These are the most lightweight sunglasses in our selection and with their excellent lens-changing mechanism you are able to change between a range of great 7-layer lenses in different colors.


MooD, our Colorful Plastic Sunglasses.

The most affordable series of sunglasses that Zerpico has to offer. With their colorful frames and 5-layer polarized and mirrored lenses, they are specially made to match your every mood. Their incredibly low price enables you to get at least two pairs compared to the cheapest pair of any big brand´s shades. Get your Mood up right away because they run out quickly.

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Fibrous, our Carbon Fiber Sunglasses.

The Fibrous series is made of 99% real carbon fiber and comes with durable 7-layer lenses that are able to handle almost everything you do, like mountain biking, rock climbing and track racing. Our V4 model is the fourth version and for every version we change something for the better. Made to stand out and be the best pair of sunglasses you´ve ever had.

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Anti Blue Light and Gaming Glasses.

We have developed a series of anti blue light glasses that work just as well for gaming as work in front of the computer. They protect you just as well in front of a computer screen as a mobile or pad. Our MooD series also work as two in one. Both anti blue light and sunglasses as they turn dark in the sun.


Our Engraved Wooden Sunglasses Series.

The designs were most of all created for those looking for something that you don't normally see when you think about an average pair of wood sunglasses. We wanted to make something that would catch the eye. We got more than 15 unique designs and we add more every year.


RE:VISION - Biodegradable Sunglasses

Re:vision sunglasses is made entirely from recycled paper. The entire frame is biodegradable and the production is 100% ECO-Friendly all the way. The whole process, from design, manufacturing and the final product, will put the environment first. To truly deliver a range that is 100% environmentally friendly.


Wood & Acetate Sunglasses & Changeable Lenses

Our newly designed Eyewood V2 wooden sunglasses featuring an acetate front & interchangeable lenses. Eyewear ready for prescription so you can go to your optician and get any lenses in combined with sunglasses lenses & also you can choose anti-blue light protection lenses with sunglasses lenses.