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    Titanium sunglasses

    In 2016 we went back to the drawing board. The plan was to make a new collection of frames inspired by the classic aviator model that has been highly popular for over 60 years. The collection has been updated since then with the more recent designed wayfarer model that we offer in two different colors.

    We became very excited by this new project, to create our own version of the classic eyewear model and we decided to turn the idea into reality. After a lot of brainstorming about what materials to use and how to tweak the frame of it we finally came to a decision and were super satisfied when we received our first prototype of this new design. A new eyewear model with high quality and delicate design, and with a price tag that can't be matched by any of the others brands on the market. With an ability to change lens color yourself with ease, this is a titanium frame that will endure high amounts of damage while providing protection and comfort to people with all different fashion styles.

    Classic aviator frame

    There is a reason why this model always come back into style and have been an easy favorite for many celebrities such as Elvis Presley, Freddie Mercury and Tom Cruise. It was first developed for pilots to protect their eyes while flying and they even came to replace the flight goggles that were used before that.

    The large lenses for these eyewear frames were designed to be slightly convex to be able to cover the entire field of vision to reduce the amount of transmitted visible light, infrared radiation and prevent ultraviolet radiation from reaching the eye from any angle.

    After World War II aviator sunglasses were available for civilians on the market, though appearing without the frontal brow bar and with plastic ear hooks. In those years, everything military was in fashion so naturally these glasses became popular among the masses so companies began to promote them for civilian use in the 1940's and 1950's.

    Our titanium aviators comes in black, gold and in gun metal, our personal favorite. Besides giving our aviators a great appearance, the color we ended up with also has a protective function, a coating technology that makes our frames super strong, that provides them with a high antioxidant capacity and is much healthier to the environment production wise.

    Durable wayfarer frame

    These are the most popular style of sunglasses around the world today. High profiles such as JFK, Bob Dylan, and Andy Warhol all wore them as their favorite model, and still today they remain one of the most flattering and versatile sunglasses on the market. While there are many variations of the model, the core design remain virtually the same as it was then.

    Invented as a way to get away from the traditional frames that was popular at the time, the model became popular in the 1950s and 1960s with the help of style icons of the time. The frame shape was evolving rapidly and manufacturers that hooked on the trend began producing their own versions of the rising model in eyewear fashion.

    Our titanium wayfarer is the latest addition to our collection of titanium sunglasses. A pair of luxurious and sporty frames made of high quality titanium and changeable lenses so that you can change styles without any trouble.

    Titanium is the perfect material for sunglasses due to its high strength-to-weight-ratio. We even added some carbon fiber insertions for the temples to make the frame even cooler and more personalized.

    Why titanium?

    The name titanium comes from the Titans, giants who preceded the gods of Olympos. A fitting name for a material that

    • is as strong as steel but 45% lighter
    • is twice as strong as aluminum, but it is only 60% heavier
    • resists corrosion in seawater
    • is resistant to high temperatures, as the melting point is 1668 degrees Celsius
    • resists wear, cavitation and erosion at high speed flows
    • is biocompatible, the only material that the body does not reject

    Thanks to these properties, titanium is used as a construction material that will be found in spacecraft, aircraft engines, submarines and in many more areas. It is also found in electrodes and heat exchangers. A discovery in Sweden is that titanium can even grow together with the tissues of the body. It has become popular to make replacements with titanium in the mouth, such as crowns, pillars and prostheses and is a great new discovery that has helped a lot of people.

    A lot of sunglasses out there are easy to break are often being over prized so we wanted to find a way to make our frames as durable as we could, and at the same time keeping the fram as thin and delicate as we think the model should be. We agreed on that the right material to use was lightweight titanium, which has to highest corrosion resistance and strength-to-density ratio of any metallic element.

    Lightweight titanium for both frame and temple

    As titanium is the strongest material for its weight this allows you to keep doing what you love without having to worry about the damage that they might sustain. Keep being active while knowing that your titanium frames give you the protection you need.

    Another crucial aspect when it comes to glasses is that they don't make you feel strained or make your head hurt after wearing them for a longer time. Both temple and front needs to be well balanced and have a low weight and our titanium glasses are great at both.

    The details makes a difference

    We offer frames in 3 different colors, gun metal, black and gold. And to complete the desired look we made a huge collection of colorful, best quality polarized lenses to choose from. We have received a lot of positive feedback and we have a lot of returning customers looking for new ways to utilizing the full capacity of their titanium eyewear.

    Powerful Lens changing mechanism

    One thing that we always have in mind when making a new set of glasses is finding a way to make our products as versatile as possible. We try to give our customers a way to change the style of their products whenever they want. We consider it a way of giving them a better experience to their purchase as they can change the appearance of it whenever they choose.

    For that reason we developed a new mechanism that made it easy for our customers to change the lenses themselves. A way to get the most out of their purchase and not something that is offered by other big brands out there.

    Premium hinges - one size fits all

    For our titanium sunglasses we use hyper-extendable german OBE hinges which provides extra comfort and less amount of pressure to the sides of your head. This also makes the glasses fit a lot more head sizes as they can be extended to a larger fit. A temple without this capability will make your head hurt after wearing glasses for a longer time.

    Lenses for all styles

    As for the lens, which might be the most important part of a pair of sunglasses, we use 7 layer polarized lenses that effectively reduces glare, eliminating annoying reflection and scattered light. This makes your vision more soft and clear. The polarized lenses have seven layers composite materials with UV400 ultraviolet ray standard. They block all wavelengths from 400 nm, which covers all of the UV spectrum. The first and last layer has a very durable scratch-resistant layer to avoid any damage that they are exposed to.

    Polarized lenses are for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors. If you’re working outdoors, especially when doing high-glare activities around water or snow, eyewear with these lenses will help reduce glare and and give additional clarity while keeping your eyes protected.

    Polarization provides

    • clearer vision in bright light
    • increased contrast and minimal color distortion
    • reduced glare and reflection
    • reduced eye strain

    Many sunglasses offer basic protection for your eye against bright light & UV rays while a lens of high quality blocks blinding glare and enhances visual acuity, color contrast and visual comfort, preventing all of the damaging UVA/B rays from reaching the eye.

    Protective coating

    The color we ended up with for our glasses has a protective function while giving them a great look. We used a coating technology that make the frame and temple super strong and at the same time gives them a high antioxidant capacity. The coating is also less harmful for the environment.

    Protective coatings are a simple way to reduce corrosion, by limiting the exposure to an environment that causes it.

    Quality packaging

    We all know the importance of good packaging and how excited we get when we get something where the package looks as exclusive as whats inside. As a brand we want to give our customers comfort and a feeling of exclusiveness.

    We created a bunch of prototypes in the search for the right box for the collection. One that gives the frames and lenses the right protection as well as the right look. That's why every pair of our titanium sunglasses comes with a luxurious PU leather box that easily can be folded so it does't take up any space when you are on the go.

    Free shipping

    In our shop we offer free shipping on all orders over $100 and guarantee fast delivery all across the globe. We have customers from all over and we handle all of our orders with upmost care and appreciate all the love that we receive through customer reviews and other types of feedback.