Starting out with nothing but a vision in late 2014, we set out to make a name for ourselves in the field of sunglasses and accessories. Early 2015 our quest began. In a small town in the still cold and dark Sweden we sat down to draw the sketches of what would soon become our very first collection of eyewear. With a small budget and high hopes we managed to get our first born into the hands of some amazing people around the world who would help us to turn our risk into reward and thus our goal to become a competitor to the big brands on the market became brighter.

After a great start we shortly after began shaping a new model, resulting in our much popular collection of hand-made wooden sunglasses that would form the brand of Zerpico.
The beginning of 2016 led us to crowdfunding. To a brand new audience we presented a pair of innovative, carbon fiber sunglasses. Believing they would attract the eyes of new fans and customers around the world, we put together the campaign and pressed the button. The stylish, yet highly durable wayfarers were a success as we expected, raising far more than anticipated and they can now be enjoyed by anyone that wants the luxury of real carbon fiber protecting their eyes at a highly affordable price.
With the products, information and ideas we now posess we see a bright future for our brand. With low prices and as high quality as the top brands we now know that we can reach our goal - to make everyone see the world through our eyes.

Edenberga 542
31295 Laholm - Sweden