See the world through our eyes. With the vision of creating something unique and willingness to challenge the giants in the market, we offer a design that is different from the others - a combination of classic, stylish designed arches, bold prints and striking colors. 

Like an oasis in the desert, we offer you protection and safety as well as style and luster in the summer heat. To increase the variety Zerpico gives you the ability to easily and smoothly adjust your glasses and therefore give you a more personalized look.

Since we first started our own brand about 2 years ago we have always kept the same objective: to beat the market prices while using the best materials possible. While most sunglasses out there are easy to break and/or are being absurdly over prized we went out to try to find a way to make our sunglasses as durable as we could, while at the same time keeping them as delicate as they should be.

We are on a mission to show you all that there is more than the big corporations out there. That you don't have to pay such high prizes just because they are established brands. We try our best to promote and provide our products at a fair price and by selling directly to consumers through social media and our own website we can accomplish just that.