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Holy Wood!

all wooden sunglasses

Wooden and carbon fiber sunglasses with the right style. We are Zerpico.


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We are always looking for interesting and influential people on social media to promote our brand. As we aim to grow into one of the big brands on the market, we invite you to join us in our vision to get quality sunglasses and accessories at affordable prices to everyone out there.  



Carbon fiber sunglasses

Who doesn´t love carbon fiber? The durable, lightweight material even used by NASA on their spacecrafts, is now here for everyone to enjoy. We wanted to create a pair of carbon fiber sunglasses that both had quality, great design and for a price that anyone can afford.



Wooden sunglasses

To get you closer to nature, we have developed a unique collection of handmade sunglasses. Made out of beautiful rosewood they are made to bless your face with a kiss of natural comfort and design. Since every pair is made from different parts of the tree, you can be sure that your pair will be unique.


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