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Titanium, Wooden and Carbon fiber sunglasses with the right style. We are Zerpico.

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Short story of Zerpico

Since we started back in 2015 with nothing but an idea we have had our minds set on one thing; to reinvent the world of sunglasses. Since the very beginning our goal has been to create a pair of sunglasses for every single individual, wooden for the ones close to nature, carbon fiber for the wild and adventurous ones and titanium eyewear for people looking for a more classic and luxurious style.


We believe that great design and quality doesn´t have to be as expensive as many of the big brands wants you to believe. With hard work, big ideas and great people to work with we are certain that we can make a statement that will be hard to deny. We all love stories about the underdog taking on the champion and we are dead set on climbing the ladder until we get what we came for - to bring you great products without overcharging and to give back to the people who believes in us and supports us along the way.


Fibrous, our Carbon Fiber Sunglasses.

The Fibrous series is made of 99% real carbon fiber and comes with durable 7-layer lenses that are able to handle almost everything you do, like mountain biking, rock climbing and track racing. Our V4 model is the fourth version and for every version we change something for the better. Made to stand out and be the best pair of sunglasses you´ve ever had.

Eyewood, our Wooden Sunglasses.

Eyewood is our largest series of sunglasses and have both full wooden sunglasses and versions with temples of wood and front in plastic. With the strong 5-layer lenses and a lot of different styles we have something that will fit everyone. Don´t miss our engraved sunglasses that are inspired from different parts of the world.

Titan, our Quality Titanium Sunglasses.

The Titan Series is made of the finest titanium, making them very durable, yet delicate. We offer both aviators and wayfarers in various colors, such as black, gun metal and gold. These are the most lightweight sunglasses in our selection and with their excellent lens-changing mechanism you are able to change between a range of great 7-layer lenses in different colors.

MooD, our Colorful Plastic Sunglasses.

The most affordable series of sunglasses that Zerpico has to offer. With their colorful frames and 5-layer polarized and mirrored lenses, they are specially made to match your every mood. Their incredibly low price enables you to get at least two pairs compared to the cheapest pair of any big brand´s shades. Get your Mood up right away because they run out quickly.

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