Titan - Titanium Clubmaster Gold Plated Sunglasses V2 - On a model in Italy. Fashion Shoot.
Titan - Titanium Clubmaster Gold Plated Sunglasses V2 - Front photo from studio shoot.
Titan - Titanium Clubmaster Gold Plated Sunglasses V2 - On a female Italian model. Fashion shoot.
Titan - Titanium Clubmaster Gold Plated Sunglasses V2 - Fashion shoot in Italy.
Titan - Titanium Clubmaster Gold Plated Sunglasses V2 -  Lifestyle photo on a Italian model.
Titan - Titanium Clubmaster Gold Plated Sunglasses V2 - Lifestyle shoot in Italy.
Titan - Titanium Clubmaster Gold Plated Sunglasses V2 - Redheaded model.
Titan - Titanium Clubmaster Gold Plated Sunglasses V2 - Studio shoot from the side.
Titan - Titanium Clubmaster Gold Plated Sunglasses V2 - Studio shoot from the back.

Titanium Clubmasters Sunglasses - V2 - 24K GOLD Plated

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  • Aerospace grade titanium frame
  • 24 karat gold plating
  • State of the art lens-changing mechanism
  • Super lightweigh - only 14 grams
  • Highly flexible & durable
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Titanium clubmaster sunglasses with real gold plating

We present our new TITAN V2, our clubmaster titanium sunglasses. Luxurious sunglasses made of high quality titanium and plated with 24K real GOLD with changeable lenses so you can change your look every day. Only for those who want the most exclusive sunglasses.

You will get yourself a one of a kind pair of TITAN´s that will be handmade especialy for you. 50% fee if you cancel your order when they are not in stock.

Size on our Titanium clubmaster sunglasses.

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Sunglasses with aerospace grade titanium frame

Aerospace grade frame

Titanium is the material of choice in the aerospace industry thanks to its high strength-to-weight ratio. As it also owns extreme temperature and corrosion resistance, you can be sure that it will last the test of time.

Titanium sunglasses with state of the art lens-changing mechanism.

Lens-changing mechanism

We have developed a patented mechanism so that you can change lenses yourself within seconds. You can now just click them in without any hassle with screws and screwdrivers.

Titanium sunglasses with highest quality german OBE hinges.

Sturdy german OBE hinges

Every detail makes a difference. OBE has been the leading international manufacturers of components for the eyewear industry since 1904, wich is why we decided to equip our titanium sunglasses with their quality hinges.

Titanium sunglasses with interchangeable polarized lenses.

Next generation lenses

Our 5 layer polarized lenses reduces glare, eliminates dazzling light reflection and scattered light. They block all wavelengths of the UV spectrum and has a clear and durable scratch-resistant layer to avoid any damage you expose them to.

Titanium sunglasses with great protective coating

Protective coating

We use Ion plating that produces a titanium nitride through extreme heating. This nitrade is both harder and chemically more stable than that produced through traditional plating methods.

Prescription ready titanium glasses.

Prescription ready

As you can remove your lenses without trouble, you also have the option of handing them over to an optician to turn your titanium sunglasses into prescription glasses.

Looking for something out of the ordinary?

Titan 24k gold

An exclusive collection that makes other sunglasses pale in comparison

Looking for something out of the ordinary?

What makes a product more exclusive than gold? Not much. We wanted to create a collection that that makes other sunglasses fade in comparison. A collection that not only looks amazing, but also has the ability to withstand any damage, that you don't have to treat with silver gloves without worrying if they're going to break.

That's why we created our 24 carat gold plated Titans, a collection of luxury titanium sunglasses, with interchangeable lenses that allow you to change both style and appearance in just seconds.

24k gold titanium sunglasses.
24k gold titanium sunglasses with changeable lenses.
we know exactly what makes a pair of sunglasses great

The name Titan comes from the Titans, giants who preceded the gods of Olympus. At Zerpico, we believe this is an appropriate name for a material that is as strong as steel but only half as heavy, that resists corrosion in seawater, that is extremely resistant to high temperatures, that resists heavy wear, cavitation and erosion at high velocity flows and that is the only known material that does not repel the body.

Because titanium is also the strongest material relative to its weight, with an active life, you never have to worry about them being damaged if you drop your sunglasses, for example. You can continue with the activities you love knowing that your exclusive titanium sunglasses will last through thick and thin. This coupled with next generation polarized lenses means you can safely continue to enjoy everything you love to do, without worrying about your vision being damaged.

We're Zerpico and we know exactly what makes a pair of sunglasses great.

The history of aviator titanium sunglasses

As strong as steel
while half as heavy

Next generation lenses

To complement our high-quality titanium sunglasses, we chose to use the best lenses we could find. Our interchangeable lenses match the exclusively designed frames in a way that makes the sunglasses stand out even more than they already do.

For our Titans, we use 5-layer polarized lenses that effectively reduce glare, eliminating dazzling light reflections and scattered light, making vision both softer and clearer. The lenses have 5 layers of composite material with UV400 standard for ultraviolet rays, which means that they block all wavelengths of light from 400 nm, covering the entire UV spectrum. The first and last layers have a clear and durable scratch-resistant coating to avoid any damage you expose them to.

Since mirror lenses don't resist scratches as well as other lenses, in addition to mirror lenses, we recommend at least one pair of solid or gradient lenses for your sunglasses.

Polarized changeable lenses for our titanium sunglasses

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Titanium is the perfect material for sunglasses

Many sunglasses on the market are easily damaged while often being grossly overpriced. We wanted to find a way to make our version as durable as possible while keeping the frame as thin and delicate as it should be. After a lot of testing, we came to the conclusion that titanium is the perfect material for sunglasses because of its high strength to weight ratio. Even though they are delicate, they are extremely durable. Add in extreme temperature and corrosion resistance and you have the perfect material for a pair of high-calibre sunglasses.

We dare say that the lenses are the most important part of a pair of sunglasses. And of course we wanted to make sure they matched the high quality of the titanium frames. We searched long and hard to find the right lenses and are proud to present the optics for our titanium sunglasses.

Our Titanium collection is made especially for those who love to mix and match and get the most out of their purchase. Instead of spending huge amounts of money, we give you the opportunity to change the look of your sunglasses. Each pair of our Titan sunglasses comes with an exclusive PU leather box that easily folds up so it doesn't take up any space when you're wearing your sunglasses!