Zerpico´s Carbon fiber sunglasses Kickstarter.

Zerpico - Carbon Fiber Sunglasses Kickstarter

As some of you already know, we successfully launched our first kickstarter campaign! Thanks to all of the great people believing and supporting us we can now give you Fibrous, our carbon fiber sunglasses. 


We set out to create a pair of carbon fiber sunglasses that have the high quality, the cool design and the affordable price we all deserve! As they are currently in production, you can pre-book them here for a lower price. You can also choose between golden, blue or black lenses and have the logo as visible as you prefer.

 Fernanda showing off the first pair of carbon fiber sunglasses from Zerpico.

For all the info you need about Fibrous you please go to the campaign right here: 



So take your chance to get your hands on a pair of the coolest sunglasses out there right now! 

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