We love our details on our carbon fiber sunglasses, this photo is taken in Sri Lanka.
Carbon Fiber Square Sunglasses, Studio shoot with details on the front.
Our carbon fiber square sunglasses on a blonde male model.
Close up on the details on our carbon fiber.
Fibrous stands for quality and style with carbon fiber.
Carbon Fiber Square Sunglasses, lifestyle photo taken outside to show the details in daylight.
Carbon Fiber Square Sunglasses photo taken outside in the sunset.
Carbon Fiber Square Sunglasses photo taken outside in the Swedish summer.
Carbon Fiber Square Sunglasses, details on the beautiful carbon fiber.
Carbon Fiber Square Sunglasses, another photo from outside from the side.
Carbon Fiber Square Sunglasses photo with grey lenses.
Carbon Fiber Square Sunglasses photo with blue lenses.
Carbon Fiber Square Sunglasses photo with red lenses.
Carbon Fiber Square Sunglasses studio shoot from the side.
Carbon Fiber Square Sunglasses studio shoot from the back.
Carbon Fiber Square Sunglasses case, pouch and wipe.

Fibrous V4 Square - Carbon Fiber Sunglasses

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  • Real carbon fiber frame
  • High quality polarized lenses
  • Super lightweigh - only 21 grams
  • Highly flexible & durable
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We love carbon fibre for many reasons. Not only because we consider it to be one of the most attractive materials to make a product from, but also for the countless benefits it brings.

To name a few of these benefits, they include high stiffness, high tensile strength, low weight, high chemical resistance, high temperature tolerance and low thermal expansion. These properties make carbon fibre very popular in areas such as aerospace, civil engineering, military, motorsport and other competitive sports.

Measurements L: 156 mm, W: 148 mm, H: 47 mm

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Carbon fiber is a very lightweight and strong material.

Only 21 grams

Despite its strength and flexibility, carbon fibre is even lighter than aluminium and titanium. The material also has low density with a very high strength-to-weight ratio.

Titanium sunglasses with interchangeable polarized lenses.

Next generation lenses

Our 5 layer polarized lenses reduces glare, eliminates dazzling light reflection and scattered light. They block all wavelengths of the UV spectrum and has a clear and durable scratch-resistant layer to avoid any damage you expose them to.

Titanium sunglasses with highest quality german OBE hinges.

Sturdy german OBE hinges

We use high quality 5 barrel hinges for our carbon fiber sunglasses. OBE is the leading international manufacturer of components for the eyewear industry, wich is why we decided to equip our sunglasses with their quality hinges.

Carbon fiber sunglasses are highly flexible.

High flexibility

Carbon fiber can bend while retaining most of its tensile strength. This high flexibility makes carbon fiber particularly good for sunglasses and other products that are used frequently and need to withstand a lot.

Carbon fiber is resistant to rust.

Resistant to moist and rust

As a material, carbon fibre is known to be extremely stable and non-reactive. This makes carbon fibre an excellent material when it comes to resistance to water and other humid conditions.

Carbon fiber sunglasses can resist both extreme heat and cold.


Because carbon fiber is a material that can withstand both extreme heat and cold without changing shape or size, it is particularly well suited for products that are exposed to high temperatures in particular.

Made of real carbon fiber

A collection of high quality sunglasses that will stand up to anything, and with such an exclusive and luxurious look that they will make people look twice when you walk by.

The most durable and flexible pair of sunglasses out there

Introducing Fibrous V4, our sunglasses made entirely of real carbon fiber. This bestseller rocks every occasion, whether you're active in extreme sports, or simply want to wear them to chill on the beach.

We were tasked with making a pair of sunglasses entirely out of carbon fibre, that would be as high quality as it gets, have a luxurious and stylish design, and not be too expensive. And here they are. Our Fibrous v4s are made to stand out from the crowd and are also very durable and lightweight. In other words, these are the sunglasses that will stand up to whatever adventure you take them on.

Carbon fiber sunglasses with polarized lenses.

Polarized sunglasses lenses

Carbon fiber sunglasses with anti-bluelight lenses.

Anti-bluelight / gaming lenses

Photocromic lenses

Fibrous is our popular full carbon fiber sunglasses.
Sunglasses that will stand up to anything you throw at them

Fibrous V4 is our latest and most popular version of our real carbon fibre sunglasses. These bestsellers are known for withstanding the most exposure while maintaining a beautiful and stylish design. To keep the quality as high as possible, we only use materials that are made to withstand extreme stresses, from the frame itself, to details like hinges and lenses.

• Weighs only 21 grams.
• Five barrel hinges.
• Flexible and durable.
• Strong 7-layer lenses.
• Polarized lenses UV400, 100%
• UVA/UVB protection.
• Dimensions L: 152 mm, W: 147 mm, H: 48 mm.

We use five barrel hinges for the temples with a screw so you can tighten them whenever you want. They are also adjustable over the nose so they fit everyone out there. The designs we have as options are classic wayfarer and square frame, and because they are made of carbon fiber the arms are very flexible and fit all sizes. Carbon fiber is not only flexible but also very durable and won't break if you drop them.

Real carbon fiber sunglasses with polarized lenses.

made to withstand
and to stand out

Next generation lenses

To complement our high-quality carbon fiber sunglasses, we chose to use the best lenses that are available. Our polarized lenses match the exclusively designed carbon fiber frames in a way that makes the sunglasses stand out, as well as being able to withstand scratches and other types of damage.

Highest quality carbon fiber sunglasses with polarized lenses.
Lenses that matches the frame

Our carbon fiber sunglasses have 7 layers of lenses with some of the best features to be found.

1. They are polarized
2. They effectively reduce glare, eliminating blinding light reflection and scattered light, making vision both softer and clearer
3. The wearer will not feel stage distortion or vertigo
4. The polarized lenses have seven layers of composite material with UV400 ultraviolet ray standard. This standard means that the lenses block all wavelengths of light from 400 nm, which includes the entire UV spectrum
5. The first and last layers have a clear and durable scratch-resistant coating to keep them looking good, no matter how roughly you treat them

Full carbon fiber with high quality polarized lenses.

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Constantly looking to imprive our products

We are constantly looking for ways to improve and develop our products. This is the fourth version of our Fibrous and we are 99% super happy with it. Our customers love them with over 50+ reviews showing us that they all agree that the product is of the high standard that we have always aimed for.

Our Fibrous sunglasses come with a foldable PU leather box which is perfect for storing your sunglasses in and can also be folded down so you can store it almost anywhere, a microfiber bag and a top quality polishing cloth.

If you have any questions about our carbon fibre sunglasses, or any of our other products for that mater, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.