It has been a while since the release of the original Titan series and even if we have received many positive comments on the delicate yet strong eyewear, we came to realize that we could do even better. Our ideas are many and when we get a vision that we feel would improve our products we have a hard time letting it go. 

 So... without any further introduction, let us give you our new & improved TITAN collection, made out of aerospace grade titanium, in 3 different models and with a lens changing mechanism that is even better than the previous one. 


Specifics of our new TITAN sunglasses

Aerospace grade titanium frame

Titanium is still the material of choice in the aerospace industry when it comes to strength-to-weight ratio. As it also owns extreme temperature and corrosion resistance, we know it will last the test of time. The material is also hypoallergenic, which is why doctors use it for hip and knee replacement. This makes them very friendly for both the skin as well as for the environment. We always do our best to keep our products clean and with recyclable.  


Aerospace grade titanium frame.


Polarized lenses

The lenses might just be the most important part of a pair of sunglasses. And to match the high quality of the titanium frames we have worked with our best factory to get our lenses to match the them.

The 5 layer polarized lenses effectively reduces glare, eliminating dazzling light reflection and scattered light. They have five layers composite materials with UV400 ultraviolet ray standard, which means that they block all wavelengths of light from 400 nm. The first and last layer features a clear and durable scratch-resistant layer to avoid any damage you expose them to.


The new lens changing mechanism makes it very easy to change your lenses.

We also have upgraded the way you change the lenses so that you can just click them in without any hassle with screws and screwdrivers. This new technique makes it super easy to change lenses by yourself and to give your new TITANS the right look for any occasion.

First off, we offer our polarized lenses in 10 different colors, as well as gaming lenses and photocromic lenses. We will also release more lenses if we reach the campaign's first stretch goals.


Protective coating

Ion plating is a PVD process that uses reactive electron beam evaporation – calling on titanium which is vaporized through heating the alloy to over 2,000 °C. In the process a titanium nitride layer is added to the stainless steel component. The ionised titanium is then bonded using pressure to form the surface coating.


Titanium sunglasses with protective environment friendly coating.


Using magnets, ion plating is carried out in a vacuum environment. As part of the process the plating metal is added (for example to produce a rose gold color), normally not exceeding 0.3 urn in thickness. At extremely low pressure metal will vaporize. It then become electric ions when heated and bombarded by electrons, known also as plasma. The strengthening technique will build up a super surface hardness.

The greatest bonus of this process is that the titanium nitride produced is both harder and chemically more stable than that produced through traditional plating methods.



As we are now live on Kickstarter we urge you to get there quick if you are as excited as we are about our new titanium collection. They usually go fast and we offer early bird prices for the first ones to back the project.

We are very positive about our new series of Titans and are certain we will reach our stretch goals. Don't miss out the second goal, soooo cool new design of a new way to keep your sunnies safe.

We are still on our mission to show you that there is more than the big companies out there. And you don't have to to pay overprice to get quality products. We will keep doing our best to promote and provide our products at a fair price.

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