Our popular wooden engraved sunglasses is growing in numbers.

New models in our engraved series Eyewood.

Big news for our Eyewood wooden engraved sunglasses series!

We got some big news regarding our engraved Eyewood sunglasses. We released two new pair this year. Our Tribal thats inspired by the Maori people of New Zealand and Relic thats inspired by the ancient history of Egypt. Here is a closeup of the two new designs. Hope you love them as much as we do.

 Eyewood engraved wooden sunglasses, tribal and relic designs.

Next year we will continue realeasing new designs and hope we will have around ten different versions in the end of summer 2020. Our goal is to have designs and special versions from every part of the world so there is a model that speaks to everyone. Our two old versions have been big sellers and very are very proud of them. This is our Native and Viking designs.

 Our older versions of engraved Eyewoods, native and viking designs.

We are looking forward to show you new ideas we got and play with different types of wood and evolve our Eyewood series even more. Next new designs will land sometimes around April-May next year so they will be ready to rock your face all summer!

If you got any ideas as a customer or you just want to send us some feedback we would love that. Please send us an mail or contact us on social media. We are always open for new input. 

Until next time we wish you all an awesome xmas and a good new year.

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