The ultimate lens guide. How to choose the best lens for you.

 Zerpico's guide for choosing the best sunglass lenses for you.

Looking for new sunglasses? Then you should know that the lens color plays a major role in your final choice as a consumer. Each color is beneficial in different ways and some colors are better suited for certain activities. To help guide your sunglass shopping, we have made a simple guide to use in order to find the correct sunglasses lens color for your lifestyle. Please follow the guide below.

Grey lenses

These are the most common lens color. They don’t change the value of color but are dark enough for those sunny days while not so dark that they reduce vision. If the lenses are polarized, you also get the benefit of glare reduction, making them great for most activities.

This sunglass lens color is optimal for:

  • General use of sunglasses
  • Preventing eye fatigue
  • True color perception
  • Represents scenes in their most natural state
  • Perfect for any outdoor activity, such as hunting, golfing or just relaxation at the beach

Brown lenses

These are great for enhancing your vision. With brown tint, much of the color spectrum’s hazy end is blocked giving your vision more contrast. These gives you sharper vision and allowes you to make out shapes more clearly.

This sunglass lens color is optimal for:

  • Early mornings, late afternoons and cloudy or foggy days
  • Enhancing depth perception
  • Glare reduction
  • Days of changeable weather 
  • In outdoor activities where focus is against green grass or blue skies
  • Any activity where distance plays a part such as golf, tennis, fishing, baseball, hunting, soccer, football or sailing

Mirror lenses

If you're leaning towards reflective mirror lenses you should to pay attention to the color of the reflective coating on the outside of the lens and the base tint color of the lens. The base tint may not always be the same as the reflective coating. If your base tint is grey, the activities you can enjoy in mirror lenses are the same as you can enjoy in regular grey lenses. If the base tint is yellow you can enjoy sharp vision while reducing glare and hiding your eyes. Mirror lenses generally gives great glare reduction.

Mirror lenses are optimal for:

  • Activities with the possibility of high-glare, such as skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, boating, fishing, sailing or any other winter or water sports
  • Enhancing contrast
  • Glare reduction
  • Playing or watching any sport
  • Enhancing contours
  • Optimal in misty, foggy, or snowy conditions
  • Reducing overall brightness
  • Preserving normal color balances
  • fashion-forward athletes
  • Improving color perception
  • Sharpening details

We hope this guide has been of help to you in finding the perfect sunglass lenses for you. 

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