Mood is our plastic collection of sunglasses in many colors.

Colorful Sunglasses - MOOD

MOOD - Colorful sunglasses that match every occasion.

We wanted to make a collection of colorful sunglasses that would be affordable to every single person out there and that we are sure that if you give our MooD sunglasses a chance they will become your favourite accessories in your adventures to come. A collection of durable, colorful and trendy sunglasses would be a great addition to anyone´s eyewear library. And the best thing of all is that you could get them all for an even better price than for one pair of any big brand´s shades. What´s not to like about that?

After many years in the business we know that great design and quality doesn´t have to be as pricey as the majority of companies wants you to believe. When we started this project we put our focus on comfort and design and to make them as light as we could without losing durability. We wanted to make a pair of sunglasses that would feel as a part of you and with a splash of color that that would match your mood perfectly. 

As for all of our collections we are constantly developing and updating the ranges and there is no exception with this one. We are always in the mood for changes and as long as it´s towards something better will make sure that we find a way to get there. Our vision for the MooD range is that it will contain a frame and color for everyone. That when you can´t decide on which model to go for the only decision is to go for all five of your favorite ones. And know that your purse won´t suffer at all for it. We have plenty of ideas and we can assure you that this is just the beginning of our adventures. And we would love to be a part yours!

As this model was thought to be the perfect travel companion we knew that it had to be made so that it could take a lot of hits, being dropped in water as well as on rocks and being exposed to extreme weather. And on top of that we had to make sure that the price for them would stay as low as possible. So we did just that. We came to the conclusion that the best solution and for this collection was a TR90 polycarbonate frame and scratch resistant, polarized lenses that gives you superior glare reduction and 100% UV protection. This mad them very durable, flexible and of very low weight.

We also put a lot thought into the packaging. We know how important it is with good packaging and how happy we get when we recieve a gift where the box feels at least as great as the content is. After a long feeling-out process, trying out a variety of boxes and materials we came to a decision. Every pair of our MOO:D sunglasses comes with this specially designed box, together with a sticker, a pouch and a wiping cloth.

We are very satisfied with this collection and we are positive that you will be as well. See you o your next journey!