Zerpicos wooden and leather airpods cases are of the highest quality.

Wooden and Leather Airpods Cases

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Airpod cases

Apple's AirPods have become one the most beloved products in the world when it comes to wireless headphones. For every new version that is released, Apple continue to deliver high quality products that easily exceed people's expectations every single time.

When you buy an Apple product you expect quality. With their new AirPods you get higher sound quality than ever before, wireless connection to the charging case and even better battery life than before. An AirPod case that matches the product in both design and style will not only make sure that your headphones are securely protected, it will also make your AirPod case more cool and personalized.

Great protection, fit and design

At  Zerpico, we love new and innovative products and designs that make people's days a little brighter and helps them enjoying life more. That's why we are extra excited to announce the launch of our new collection of quality headphone cases, made specifically for Apple AirPods. A collection that will provide great protection for your precious AirPods Pro, and that stands out in both materials and design. Our just released wooden and leather AirPod cases provides a great fit and effective protection for your wireless headphones.

Wooden AirPod cases made in dark walnut from Zerpico.

AirPods cases provide great protection against dust and dirt and they protect your AirPods if you would drop them. Our wooden and leather AirPod cases are easily fitted to your standard AirPod case and you'll be able to use your lightning charging cord without having to remove the case. The charging port is reachable through the case and you'll be able to charge the battery of your headphones without removing your Zerpico AirPod case.

Easy to use

To place your standard AirPod case into your Zerpico wooden or leather case, you simply press the case into your protective case to lock them in place. There is no room for the case to wiggle or to fall out, and you can enjoy listening to your favorite music without having to worry about scratching or damaging your Apple product. Your protective AirPods case will still fit your pocket or can be stored in your bag without the risk of being scratched.

Leather AirPod cases made of 100% leather from Zerpico.

As a customer to Zerpico you will always be provided with products that stands out. Products that are beautifully designed and made out of the highest quality available, and that will keep you secure in your active lifestyle. As we focus on only delivering products made from environment friendly materials we can ensure that our new AirPods cases are a perfect match to our previous collections.

Leather & wooden AirPods case for a competitive price

Our eco-friendly AirPods cases come in leather and wood and are available for Apple AirPods 2nd generation, Apple AirPods 3rd generation and for the Apple AirPods Pro. By ordering your new AirPods case from our website you'll get tracking to you free shipping and you'll be enjoying your form fitted, thin and stylish new leather or wooden AirPods case in no time at all.