In the spotlight: Titan - A titanium collection.

Malaga twins wearing premium titanium sunglasses.

Titanium sunglasses - A passion for high quality and design.

We live in a time where more and more people are looking for transparencey. People want to be more involved in the process and be able to look behind the curtains to find out exactly what their hard earned money is getting them when they are looking for something in particular.

We, as a people, are getting smarter and our demand for higher quality for less money is getting bigger. We, as a company, find this very exciting, as this has been our main goal since the beginning. This is why we first started the brand in the first place. Our purpose has always been to offer a higher standard for people that are looking for alternatives to the big brands. We are not saying that their products lack quality. What we are saying is that they offer their quality for a much higher price than is necessecary.  

In an age where there are millions of web sites trying to make as much money as they can in the least amount of time, we are trying our best to find people that are looking for someone to trust. That´s why we choose to first release our new products on platforms like Kickstarter, a place where we can offer you the best prices possible. A place where we can show you exactly what we are working on and give you full transparency of the process of bringing a new product to life.

One of these products that was first concieved through crowdfunding is our much appreciated Titan collection. And it´s time we give you a little more insight in the collection that was one of our biggest mile stones.

 A classic aviator model made of titanium.

A favorite pair of sunglasses throughout the modern age.

Before we launch a project we do a massive amount of research. We are not in the business of making trends that will last short periods of time. We focus more on things that will last, not only when it comes to style, but also when it comes to durability. We found that a lot of sunglasses are poorly made, are easy to break and are often being heavily over-prized. What we wanted to do was to come up with something that would stand out in these areas, to make a product that could take a lot of damage and at the same time to keep it as thin and delicate as this classic model should be.

Which led us to titanium. A metallic element that has the highest corrosion resistance and strength-to-density ratio of them all. There is a reason it is commonly used in industries such as aerospace, military, automotive and for medical instruments and we wanted to be able to use it the best way we could. 

Besides giving our new titanium aviator sunglasses a great look, the color we ended up with also has a protective function. We used a coating technology that makes their frames super strong and at the same time provide them with a high antioxidant capacity. It is also much kinder to the environment when it comes to production.

Titanium eyewear with changeable lenses.

It´s all in the details.

Another aspect that we always try to focus on is finding a way to make our products as versatile as we can. We try to give our customers a way to decide for themselves, a way to give them a bigger experience when it comes to changing the appearance of our products. For that reason we developed a mechanism that made it possible for people to change the lenses tehmselves. A way to get the most out of their purchase. 

We offer the frames in 3 different colors, gun metal, black and gold. And to complete the disired look we made a huge collection of colorful, best quality polarized lenses to choose from. We have recieved a lot of positive feedback and we have a lot of returning customers looking for new ways to utilizing the full capacity of their Titan aviators.

As for the lenses, we use 7 layer polarized lenses that effectively reduces glare, eliminating dazzling light reflection and scattered light which makes the vision more soft and clear. The polaroid lenses have seven layers composite materials with UV400 ultraviolet ray standard. This means that they block all wavelengths of light from 400 nm, which covers all of the UV spectrum. The first and last layer features a clear and durable scratch-resistant layer to avoid any damage you expose them to.   

We use 7 layers of high quality polarized lenses.

Premium german OBE hyper extendable hinges.

We are here for you.

We are always adapting and trying to find new ways to bring you products that will last and stand out in a jungle of companies. We do our best to give our customers a wider experience and to give you options to choose from, to serve you the best way we can. We wouldn´t be anything if it wasn´t for you and our way to give back is to provide you with great products and customer service along with them. Don´t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any issues. We are here for you!

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